The Top 5 MBA Programs in Australia

When QS did their grand ranking of MBAs in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia’s top business schools made 12 of the 30 slots ranked. This means that Australia now has around 40% of the top business schools in the region. Another survey also revealed that companies in Australia receive some 5000 MBA employees. In fact, Australia is the top destination for anyone seeking top class MBAs in the Asia Pacific region and sits ahead of Singapore, China and India. It is also the fourth best in the world and all this is credited to some of the top MBA programs provided in the country. Here is a look at the top 5 programs offered in Australian business schools.

1. Melbourne Business School

Found in the University of Melbourne, this business school has for long been the number one choice in the sight of recruiters and academics including international employees. It is also the first institution to ever award an MBA in Australia back in 1965. Melbourne business school lost some ground in 2012 when it dropped from third to seventh overall in the Asia-Pacific, but was quick to regain its position and now sits comfortably as the best school for an MBA.  Here is why students are choosing Melbourne Business School.

2. AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management)

The second best MBA is no stranger to the list, this institution has maintained this spot for several years. Found in the University of New South Wales, AGSM has always made it to the top 10 top MBAs in the whole Asia-Pacific region. Like the Melbourne Business School, AGSM is highly favored by international recruiters and academics. Most graduates from the school wind up in some of the best companies around the world. Personally, I love AGSM more than MBS.

3. College of Business & Economics

Australian National University’s College of Business & Economics has been shifting across third, fourth and fifth positions for a few years, but seems to have settled for third. It is located in the capital city of Canberra and has a reputation for being the best research institution in Australia with four different research schools. They also added MBA a few years ago and are already top destination for such programs.

4. Monash Business School

Melbourne’s Monash University sits at position four in top Australian MBAs. Monash Business School has been climbing the ranks for years and always appears in the top 8 schools in the country. They are the only school in this list to hold the coveted triple-crown in AMBA accreditation. Scholars studying in Monash can gain up to three years of pre-work experience, not even possible in top countries like US. The MBA can be completed in 2 years allowing scholars time to learn and work at the same time.

5. La-Trobe Business School

La Trobe University introduced a new MBA program back in 2012. Five years later, it is ranked 14th in the top 30 MBAs in Asia-Pacific caps the top five institutions that provide MBAs in Australia. The program was originally only offered in Melbourne, but was quickly rolled on to other regional campuses across the country.

There are several other top MBA programs in Australia considering the country is ranked fourth across the globe. However, these five are the best choices and graduates from this list are accepted everywhere as they are expected to have the best experience and skill set to tackle modern business needs. Other people may come up with varied orders but you will notice the same institutions appear in the list. The high competition may push one school a rank downwards or upwards.